About Us

Mission Statement

The primary mission for the Ottawa County Health Department is: Working to protect, promote, and improve the health of citizens and our environment.


Helping the citizens of Ottawa County To live healthier, happier, longer lives.


Support the mission of public health and align our work with the 10 Essential Public Health Services

  • Maintain open and honest communication with the residents of Ottawa County
  • Assure compliance with all legal responsibilities
  • Maintain supportive, respectful, and efficient relationships between the Board of Health, Administrators, and staff.

Five Core Values

  1. We believe that Ottawa County is a positive and unique place to live and work.
  2. We will work to maintain a well-trained and professional workforce.
  3. We will deliver services and programs with compassion and empathy.
  4. We will monitor local, regional, and state health status trends and implement best practices for health improvement.
  5. We will work with the community partners to identify and address the health needs of the residents.

Ottawa County Health Department Logo

This logo was carefully designed with several aspects in mind. The intent is to represent both our community and the purpose of our department. The lighthouse represents a major landmark within our community, but culturally, the lighthouse also represents a sign of strength, safety, protection, and guidance. The beacon from the lighthouse helps to draw your attention to the word health. Further emphasis has been added to the word health with it being larger than any other wording in the logo. All of this is to help highlight and support the mission statement of the Ottawa County Health Department as we strive to be a guide for our community's health.

Our Location

Map of Health Department Location

1856 E. Perry Street, Port Clinton, Ohio 43452

Phone: (419) 734-6800

Fax: (419) 734-6888

Email: info@ottawahealth.org