Our Organization

OCHD Organizational Chart 4/2023

Health Commissioner

2022 Jerry

Jerry Bingham, MPH, REHS

Medical Director

Dr. McLean

James "Sandy" McLean, MD

Nursing Division

Nursing Division

IMG_5470 (1)

Left to Right; Linda Fox, Katrina Crowell, Sue Hein

Environmental Health Division

EH Division 12-22-21

Environmental Health Website Picture

Left to Right: Joseph Bihn, Lauren Facer, Tracy Brown

Health Education / Accreditation

Health Ed Accred Division 11.16.21

Healh Education Website Picture

Left to Right: Michelle Veliz, Michael Capuano, Joshua A. Niese

Support Staff

Support Staff 1.21.22

Clerical Staff Website Image

Back Row, Left to Right: Terri Rush, Julie Wittman, Mary Daniels, Denise Bradford 

Front Row, Left to Right: Nancy McCloskey, Shelby Crowell, Debbie Redmond

Julie and Debbie

 From Left: Debbie Baumgartner, Julie Wittman