Communicable Disease Reporting

What Communicable Diseases Must Be Reported?

In Ohio, there are more than 80 reportable diseases including, Salmonella, Hepatitis A, B, C, Measles, and chlamydia. The urgency at which these diseases need to be reported depends on the severity of disease on the patient or its potential for community spread. A full list of reportable diseases in Ohio and their classifications are located here.

Who Must Report Infectious Diseases?

According to the Ohio Administrative Code, section 3701-3, all laboratories are required to report all positive lab results. Physicians, and other health professionals, are required to report all positive and suspect cases. Reports are made to the local health district where the patient lives.  All information reported is kept confidential.

Ohio Administrative Code 3701-3 (Link to Code)

How to report a Communicable Disease?

If you need to report a communicable disease please call the Ottawa County Health Department main line at 419-734-6800 and ask for our Epidemiologist. You may also fill out the form below and fax at 419-734-6888, please Attn. to our Epidemiologist.

Confidential Reportable Disease Form